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Stym Nicotine Alternative

So, you want to try an alternative to traditional nicotine? Okay, well you came to the right place!

Fortunately, it’s not just any Nicotine Alternative, but a product developed over the past 12 months to give you the ultimate vaping experience. Please be advised – this is still a stimulant and needs to be consumed responsibly as you would Tobacco Based Nicotine.

Stym by Mixology Vape is a new type of synthetic nicotine which contains 0% Nicotine itself, but does emulate the same throat hit and satisfies the cravings. This product has been specifically designed to help vapers worldwide, especially in Australia where nicotine is currently a prescription only product. We believe that Tobacco based nicotine will soon be a thing of the past as restrictions tighten across the globe.

Stym tends to hit very smooth and so far the consumer feedback has been very positive. We even managed to convert half our staff to exclusive Stym users. It’s that good! Stym is available in both Freebase and Salts bottles (currently PG base only). Honestly, you should give it a go….We can assure you that the results you will get from Stym will keep those Nicotine cravings at bay.

What is it?

As we mentioned before, Stym is a synthetic compound made in a Lab. Traditional nicotine is derived from the tobacco plant (and some fruits etc in very small doses). Synthetic nicotine is a chemical designed to mimic all the attributes of nicotine and keep those cravings at bay. While Synthetic and Regular nicotine share a very similar molecular structure it cannot be detected on nicotine tests.

I am Australian – Do I need a prescription for Stym?

The short answer is no.

The good news for our Australian customers is that Stym will test as zero, which means no prescription is required.

How do I mix Stym into my E-Liquids?

Stym available with us is equivalent to 100mg/ml in Unflavoured Nicotine. This means it can be mixed at the exact same ratio. Follow the mixing charts in the link below for accurate mixing quantities! Or watch our Youtube video to guide you through the mixing process.

Have Questions? Read some FAQ’s below!

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions. We are happy to help!

Still prefer Tobacco Based Nicotine? Fear not! Head to our Unflavoured Nicotine page to shop Freebase and Salts.

For your peace of mind, we have added our test results below! 

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  • Stym Freebase Nicotine Alternative 100ml

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  • Stym Salt Nicotine Alternative 100ml

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  • EPSILON STYM SALTS | Kiwi Menthol 30ml

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  • ALPHA STYM SALTS | Green Apple Tang 30ml

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