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Brown Sugar (USA)

Like its name suggests, Brown Sugar offers a sweet selection of vape juice for those who love eating dessert before a meal. These delicious and creamy flavours will have you thinking ‘just one more’. Brown Sugar USA does not have a big selection, but they are the favourites. See if you like any of their dessert vape flavours.

Who doesn’t love a good cheesecake? Brown Sugar (USA) has worked their wizardry to fold sweet vanilla into small hits of cream cheese to give you that comfort feeling. Recommended to take large consumption.

If you love a classic baked custard with rich caramel and silky milk and vanilla hints. Brown Sugar e liquids have perfected a juice that has full body without an overpowering sweetness.

You will feel like the cookie monster with each puff.  You will taste chewy chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven delivered on a cloud of vanilla.

Get your sweet tooth fix with Brown Sugar premium vape juices, we recommend you try a different dessert. Order with Mixology Vapes to get fast shipping if you are located in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Canada, UK or USA. Shipping is free for orders over $100.


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Free Shipping* on orders over $100
Free Shipping* on orders over $100

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