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Dinner Lady

In 2016 Dinner Lady introduced the iconic lemon tart to the world and never looked back. The famous dessert e liquid lemon tart is now across 96 countries with more than 40 awards. It is easy to understand how this British company took off with a huge range of dessert juices, disposable pods and now tobacco flavoured salts.

Below are some of the flavours from their collection which might also tickle your fancy.

Lemon tart needs no introduction. This sharp curd topped with sweet meringue is just what the doctor ordered.

A complex sweet yet bitter blackberry flavour wrapped with rich butter shortcrust will have you reminiscing classic blackberry pie.

Berry blast will have you skipping hopscotch like a child. The fresh fruit combinations will have you spinning back to your childhood.

Lemon sherbets is a fizzy lemon tart. Show off your cheek bones with an explosion of sour citrus and tangy child memories.

Swirl a mix of sharp lemon and the sweet flavour of pink strawberries mellowed only with island coconut.

A smooth Kentucky woody scent combined with a slight sweet flavour makes this the ultimate transition partner off tobacco.

Refreshing mixture of unripe alphonso and honey mango will have you feeling like the rising sun.

Watermelon slices are just that. On a hot summery day, a juicy watermelon will keep you cool and hydrated.

Just at the right time, rice pudding is a mellow sweet dessert with a touch of raspberry jam to complete it.

Lastly, who doesn’t love strawberries and custard? It is a refreshing milk with a dust of Mother’s Milk.

With so many varieties of flavours to choose from it is no wonder that Dinner Lady Vape Juices are popular globally.  Mixology Vapes has e liquids, salts and concentrates for you to pick from. We ship around the world but have fast shipping to New Zealand, Australia, Asia, UK, Canada and USA.

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Free Shipping* on orders over $100
Free Shipping* on orders over $100

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