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Five Pawns

Rodney Jerabek started Five Pawns in 2012 and named the company after the game of chess. Five Pawns are well known for its complex handcrafted e-liquid favours which base by the distinguished human taste of sour, bitter, sweet and umami (savoury).

Teaming up with his mates, Rodney was able to create some of the most premium favourite flavours without any added sweetener.

Bowden’s Mate is a gourmet vapers’ choice because it has precision mixes of chocolate, cream and fresh mint. This flavour was based off the after-dinner chocolate mint is delicately paired with French vanilla.

Castle Long has a luxe mellow taste featuring toasted coconut. The flavours are balanced by freshly roasted almonds and brough to a new level of complexity with French vanilla and Madagascar. The brown sugar is perfectly paired with the subtle kick of a rich and smooth Kentucky burbon.

Gambit is Five Pawn’s apple pie with a scoop of ice-cream. Don’t be fooled by the simple description this vape juice will evoke memories of freshly baked apple pie topped off with a luxury French vanilla ice cream.

Without the added calories, you can enjoy a creamy peanut butter topped with freshly whipped banana cream and finally topped off with a charismatic caramel.

Discover why their award-winning vape juice is loved the world over and find your new favourite eJuice flavour today! Mixology Vapes stocks the favourites and if your order is over $100, shipping is free.

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Free Shipping* on orders over $100
Free Shipping* on orders over $100

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