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Mech Mods (Experienced Users Only)

Mechanical Mods or Mech Mods are the users choice for all things cloud chasing and vape tricking. Whilst you may have heard this vape term from popular vape videos, in reality many pre-built vape devices can reciprocate many of these vape tricks. Mechanical mods however are more for the experienced user. For users that are unfamiliar with tinkering and making adaptations to your vape device, these mods can seem to be extremely difficult and complex to manage. But, if you believe you are qualified to begin your mechanical mod journey, then the following short summary will explain how it all works.

Mechanical mods all-in-all are not all complex when looking at the conceptual model. Put simply, mech mods are a device that solely supplies battery power to an atomiser, making them extremely efficient in their function and one of the most condensed forms of vape devices. That’s it! Therefore, many vape tricking content creators use vape mods, because they are the most cost-effective way of using the e-liquid. However, this is where it gets sophisticated. Because, of its very limited conceptual model, not many parts of the device can break or go wrong. This makes it extremely customisable with many of the other modifications out on the market. That is why choosing out your own individual style, based on smoke size, battery life, housing etc. can be difficult. If you want to learn more, keep reading below!

The anatomy of a mechanical mod can be segregated into three components, the housing, the batter and the atomiser. Whilst these all sound easy to purchase, here are some of the complications when creating your own mech mod device. There are many different styles and varieties of housing on the market. Battery mods can contain one or several batteries, not all of which fit into the housing. The atomiser can be extremely flexible with their style, e.g., MTL, Sub-Ohm, RDA, so knowing the right choice for you can be challenging. Generally, those that wish to purchase a mech mod aim to get RDA type atomisers, so they can choose their own level for their own personal need. If all of the previous information made sense to you and you believe you are ready to get involved with the world of mech mods, check out our wide range of experienced user only products.

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Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
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Free Shipping* on orders over $100