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Unflavoured Freebase Nicotine

Mixology Vape offers high quality TGA Compliant (TGO-110) Unflavoured Freebase Nicotine in either PG or VG bases. The most common strength varieties range from 50mg/ml to 100mg/ml. We recommend purchasing Unflavoured Freebase Nicotine if you are looking for a harsher throat hit which will generally make the transition from cigarettes easier for heavier smokers. OR if you prefer to use a minimal amount of nicotine then Freebase is the way to go. Our Freebase Nicotine is ready to be diluted with your favourite e-liquids. Our Unflavoured Nicotine is batch tested by our highly trained professionals to make sure they are TGA Compliant (TGO-110) for our Australian customers (Prescription information can be found here) and satisfies our own standards. Purchase 0mg e-juices from our Australian and NZ stores and use our Freebase Nicotine to become the ultimate DIY Vape Pro!

Nicotine Import Information For Australian Customers & Where To Get A Prescription

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  • Unflavoured Freebase Nicotine 200ml

    Rated 4.93 out of 5
  • Unflavoured Freebase Nicotine 100ml

    Rated 4.83 out of 5

Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
Guaranteed Delivery
Free Shipping* on orders over $100