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The Vape Bean

The Vape Bean are for coffee enthusiasts. Get authentic and natural coffee aromas to die for but in vape e liquid form! It is industry knowledge that The Vape Bean are known for premium coffee-flavoured e-liquids. The brand uses a specialized extraction process to create authentic coffee flavours from organically-grown coffee beans.

Their product portfolio includes five different types of jaw-dropping coffee flavours, such as Americana, Mocha, Hazelnut, and more. The Vape Bean aims to introduce delicious coffee flavours to cover coffee drinkers with all tastes and flavour preferences.

At Mixology Vape, you will find all the top coffee flavours and e juices by The Vape Bean:


Do you always love the classic coffee flavour? The Vape Bean Americano is a rich brew with the mesmerizing aroma and delicious taste. It is made from natural coffee beans and represents the rich flavour of espresso. Tasty, delicious, and convenient!


The Vape Bean Mocha is a deep, full coffee flavour drenched in decadent chocolate and sweet caramel. With all this, it makes an irresistible indulgent cafe treat. The mocha flavour has mastered the perfect balance. It is not too sweet or too dark! Completely delicious.


Try out the rich, full-bodied espresso brewed in steamed milk and topped with creamy vanilla. This frothy vape will have you taking endless sips.


This multi premium cappuccino is infused with various coffee beans, cinnamon, and almonds.  Topped off with creamy caramel, it is a must-try The Vape Bean product.


This flavour combines naturally extracted hazelnuts with the goodness of caramel and almonds. You will love the sweet and smooth undertones of this vape e juice.

Mixology Vape has the full range of The Vape Bean with nicotine salts for those who want a smooth but strong nicotine hit. Earn points with us and get real discounts. Our fast and hassle-free delivery will have you coming back for more.

Will you add nicotine?

The juices are available for purchase pre-mixed at certain strengths. But alternatively, another method would be DIY dosing with our 100mg/ml freebase nicotine and salt nicotine bottles available on our website.

If you need more assistance with dosing your e-liquids then check out our Nicotine Mixing Charts/Nicotine Mixing Calculator when you click into the Unflavoured Nicotine page.

If you require more DIY supplies such as empty bottles, syringes, beakers etc please visit our DIY category and browse our range.

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Free Shipping* on orders over $100