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2 Cousins PG30/VG70

Two Cousins also known as 2C provide rich and deep dessert vape flavour without being overly sweet. David and James have spent countless hours refining their craft and passion for vaping. All of their liquids are hand mixed, bottled and steeped in the north island of Auckland New Zealand. 2C’s kosher approved materials with their ISO standard manufacturing ensure that you get a safe and premium vaping experience.

2 Cousins blend some of the most delicious dessert-flavoured vaping liquids on the market. Let’s do a quick dive into their specially crafted vape juices:

  • Aporo is an apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon with fresh cream. Aporo is a great way to finish a meal and has rich creamy tastes which is balanced perfectly by the apple flavours.
  • CCBC is a mixture of rich caramel, fresh vanilla and banana, delicious rum bounded by mixed nuts.
  • Feijoah – this is a creamy dessert with juicy and sweet feijoa (the love child of strawberries, guava and pineapple) with a touch of ginger
  • Hokey Pokey are for those who love deep and rich butterscotch and vanilla bean ice cream
  • Honey Custard speaks for itself. A silky-smooth taste that you must have
  • Manuka is a solid honey taste which is not overpoweringly sweet
  • Menthol Tabac – this ice blast turns any summer day into a winter wonderland
  • 101 is a creamy yet bold coconut and vanilla cake
  • Nut out is a blend of all the best nuts like macadamia, hazelnut, and more wrapped by chocolate
  • Pavlova is a fluffy creamy dream

With all these flavours to choose from it is no wonder that Two Cousins Vapes are a favourite for dessert lovers. Order now from Mixology Vapes to get fast and free shipping for order over $100.

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Free Shipping* on orders over $100
Free Shipping* on orders over $100

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