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I you are looking for the most efficient way to vape nicotine you came to the right place. At Mixology Vape we produce the highest quality unflavoured nicotine to be delivered right to your doorstep.

The idea of mixing unflavoured nicotine is to give the consumer the opportunity to trial different strengths and see what works for them. Generally, anyone vaping freebase nicotine would stick between the ranges of 3mg to 12mg whereas people using salt nicotine may range from 20mg up to 50mg. On top of that Unflavoured Nicotine can be stored in your freezer for months so it becomes a very cost-efficient way of vaping.

All you will need is your nicotine, a bottle of e liquid, a pair of gloves and a decent syringe. Let’s move on the most common nicotine related question:

Freebase or Salt Nicotine?

We won’t get into the Nitty Gritty here are there is a plethora of information on our unflavoured nicotine info pages.To keep the information short and less confusing let’s put it in simple terms.

Freebase Nicotine could be compared to tobacco nicotine. It produces a harsher throat hit and will satisfy nicotine cravings at a much lower level. This is highly recommended for those looking to replicate a cigarette hit.

Salt Nicotine on the other hand is much smoother. It is a salt based nicotine combined with benzoic acid to offer a much softer hit which can be consumed up to 50mg. While very popular in disposable vapes one must take into account that with this amount of nicotine consumption comes a much higher chance of severe nicotine addiction.

Mixology Vape only recommends using salt nicotine when you are a heavy smoker. This will substitute a pack of cigarettes a day easily. However, you will be more prone to addiction if you use Salt Nicotine as a mild smoker. So be sure to experiment with unflavoured nicotine strengths first before making the jump to Salt Nicotine.

If you have any more questions, jump onto our info pages or access the chat box in the bottom right corner. Now that we have covered the Unflavoured Nicotine let’s move on the fun part of blending your own e liquids.

As mentioned above this is definitely not a “necessary” thing. All our e liquids come blended in flavours of all sorts. However, some of you might enjoy experimenting making your own unique combinations. If that sounds like you, keep on reading below!

DIY E-Liquid Mixing

Do It Yourself (DIY) vape juice is for those who have not been able to find the retail e-liquid for them.  DIY allows for boundless combinations and customization. Before you kick off your DIY journey Mixology Vape has all the essentials for an unrestricted mixology: unflavoured nicotine, salt nicotine, PG and VG based ingredients, DIY equipment and flavour concentrates. By learning how to DIY you will see it is the cheapest vaping option and will guarantee that you will have your flavour available. Who knows when your favourite flavour will be discontinued? Take control today.

There is a lot to mixing your DIY vape juice, and we walk through the easiest way to make vape juice. If you can make cordial, you can make your own e-liquid. Firstly, you need to be armed with the right vape equipment before buying anything else. The bare minimum is to have a few 50 mL plastic bottles, a few plastic pipettes and nitrile gloves if you don’t have any. Measuring equipment like droppers, syringes and beakers always come in handy.

Now that the equipment is out of the way, you can grab some VG and PG with at least 100 mL of each. Pick the flavour that best suits your taste in the DIY Flavour concentrates (usually only need 10-20 drops to start off with). This is where you can let your imagination run wild, for example you can have minty apple by combining a mint and apply concentrate or cotton candy and banana.

If this is your first time DIY, this will be like cooking, it is best you follow a guide until you are comfortable mixing and adjusting to suit your device to your taste. Located in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, UK, Canada or USA? Free shipping for order over $100. The fast delivery will get you mixing like a pro in no time.


Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
Guaranteed Delivery
Free Shipping* on orders over $100