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Berries are gems of the fruits. You can enjoy them in any season throughout the year. Just as berries do in the culinary world, the delicious fruit can add instant brightness to vape juices. At Mixology Vape, we bring you a wide assortment of premium fruity berry flavoured e liquids and nic salts. These include berries ranging from blackberry and strawberries to less known loganberry.


Take a peek into some of our berry world:

Ballin Bloody Berry 

With the bursting blend of lemon and raspberries, this e liquid achieves the real balance of sweetness and tanginess. So, if you love the sweet, fruity flavour, you must try Bloody Berry. It comes packaged in a cocktail shaker-style bottle that helps you mix the nicotine if you prefer this style.

Blood Sukka

Abundant with flavourful sweet red cherries, Blood Sukka vape juice is perfectly blended from freshly picked berries and fruits. A eucalyptus and aniseed kick enhances this tasty berry vape juice.

Dinner Lady Berry Blast

Dinner Lady e juice nicotine product is berry blast – a devilish and revitalizing blend of tart raspberries and juicy cherries. This incredible fusion packs a punch that will drench your senses with its realistic fruit essence. You will surely love this harmonious blast of mouth-watering vapour.

Illicit Disposable Vape Pen

Due to its popular demand, some of your all-time favourite berry flavours are now available in disposable vape pens. The Purple Drank is a wonderful concoction of sweet blueberries and grapes. The bubbly vape juice will have your lips at a fizzle shizzle.

Not sure which one to start with? Reach out to one of our professional vapers who will connect you with the e liquid and device for your lifestyle. Earn points while you are doing that.  Our fast delivery will be there in a flash.

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Free Shipping* on orders over $100
Free Shipping* on orders over $100

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