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What can be juicier and refreshing than a perfect apple? Experience a dominant apple taste the whole new way with apple flavour e-liquid and juices. Here at Mixology Vape, we invite you to explore our apple flavour e juices. We only stock products from the most trusted and beloved vape brands. All products in our collection are exquisitely flavourful, packed with premium ingredients.

If apple is your all-time favourite, you are at the right place! As you browse through our selection, you’ll be delighted with tasty combinations such as beverages, natural, dessert, and mix blends. We have all your favourite brands like Big Time, Ice Monster, Pacha Mama, and more.

Let’s take a closer look:

Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady’s concentrate formulation contains PG and food-grade flavourings. It’s an ideal brand for those looking for a personalized vaping experience. These flavours include apple sour, bubble trouble, watermelon, pink wave, and smooth tobacco.


Redback Vape Juice

Try the entire range of Redback juices in this sweet little pack. The five fruit flavours include blue raspberry, apple pomegranate, starfruit watermelon, grape black & blueberry, and mango dragonfruit.

Pacha Mama

Mixology Vape bring you an exciting collection of Pacha Mama flavours. These include candy, sweet Fuji apple, mouthwatering strawberry, and nectarine.

Big Time

All Big Time products are mixed and pre-steeped in New Zealand. You can call it Appletini or Apple Martini, it’s delicious and tasty fun juice. You will love the sour and sweet taste of this electric red juice. It’s great for every taste!


2 Cousins

Mixology Vape brings you a great collection of premium e-liquids blended by James and David Perillo. You will love the delicious Apple flavoured vape juices that are hand-mixed, steeped, and bottled in New Zealand.


Mixology Vape is the one stop shop for all your vaping needs.  You can also earn points while you shop.  With fast delivery and friendly service – shop today.  You are always free to reach out to one of our experts if you have any vaping questions.

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Free Shipping* on orders over $100
Free Shipping* on orders over $100

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