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Mouth To Lung (MTL) Tanks

Mouth to Lung (MTL) tanks are the technical add-ons that allow you to have a cigarette-like experience with your vape device. If you are planning to transition from cigarettes to vapes or if you are an experienced nicotine user then MTL may be the modification that you need. To find out if MTL are right for you, keep reading on below.

Generally, people that purchase MTL tanks are not after huge vapour clouds or doing tricks like those purchasing Sub Ohm tanks. MTL like the name suggests aims to get as much of the e-juice liquid into your lungs, making it not only cost effective but allowing for a fuller lung feel. This is also useful for those that want to get the most out of their nicotine salt vape juice. If you believe you are one of these vape users, please check out our wide range of MTL tanks at Mixology Vape.

However, cost effectiveness is not the only benefit available from swapping to an MTL tank. Some additional benefits of MTL products include a more compact device, lower wattage usage, and less visible vapour. This means you can be more discrete with your vaping and have a longer lasting device. This is perfect for those that wish to vape consistently throughout the day without drawing unnecessary attention, e.g., business park individuals, tradies, restaurant workers etc. At the end of the day the choice is yours, only those that truly want to improve their vape experience should aim to change and modify their tanks.

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  • Aspire | Nautilus GT Tank (MTL)

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  • Aspire | Nautilus 3 MTL 4ml Tank

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