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Vape Devices

Are you looking for a new vape device, e-cigarette, vape vaporizer or whatever else they call it these days? We have got you covered! Vaping has become increasingly popular over the last few years as a very effective smoking cessation tool especially combined with our Unflavoured Nicotine range.

Whether you are looking for a starter kit or more advanced dual battery vape devices we have a wide range of all sorts. If you have a look through our brands tab you will see that we stock popular names such as Uwell (famous for the Crown and Caliburn series), Vaporesso, Geek Vape (The H45’s are the bomb!), Aspire and more.

Let us give you a quick run down on the types of devices that exist!

Starter Vape Kits

If you are a beginner vaper with the intention of quitting ciggies then starter kits will be your go to range. Starter vape kits are predominantly pod devices or pod kits.  Pod Vapes are designed to mimic a cigarette by producing a “mouth to lung or MTL draw” so this combined with the right amount of freebase nicotine will generally suffice as a cigarette replacement. The pods can easily be replaced and refilled with snap off caps

Apart from its use, pods tend to be pocket size and the best option as your on the go vape!

Mid-Range Vape Kits and Hybrid Pod Mods

If pods don’t hit the spot for you then have a look at some midrange devices such as the Geek Vape Boost or H45. They are a type of “hybrid” podmod which means = plastic pods but adjustable wattage and removable coils. This allows a more tailored vaping experience for those wanting a little bit more kick but still pocket sized.

Dual Battery and Sub-Ohm Kits

Lastly you can look at larger sub-ohm or “Direct to Lung” devices with external batteries. Personally, we believe these are more designed for flavour chaser who need that extra punch from their e liquid flavours. However, these are traditionally not as suitable for use with stronger doses of nicotine. They come as versatile as you can imagine, with their 510 threads different tanks can be used which makes these devices highly customisable.

Definitely do a little digging before you commit to a certain device but we can vouch that Pod Kits and Podmods are the best way to start with very little fuss.

Whichever path you decide to follow, we at Mixology Vape, are here to help you with anything you need!

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to hit the chat box in the bottom right for more assistance!


Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
Guaranteed Delivery
Free Shipping* on orders over $100