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Unflavoured Nicotine

Mixology Vape delivers premium TGA Compliant (TGO-110) Unflavoured Nicotine different bases such as PG or VG. As well as strength options ranging from 50mg/ml to 100mg/ml. Our unflavoured nicotine is available to dilute and add to our range of delicious flavoured e-Liquids and e-Juices. Mixology Vape imports nicotine and nicotine e liquid from premium US & EU suppliers. The nicotine is then batch tested by our team in NZ and make sure it satisfies our own high quality standards. Purchase 0mg e-liquids from our stores in Australia and NZ to create your own nicotine e-liquids. OR use our unflavoured nicotine to add as a Nicotine Booster to your favourite e-juice Flavours. For those days you need that little bit extra!

Now before we begin, what exactly is unflavoured nicotine?

The nicotine that is diluted in your e-liquid is generally called freebase nicotine. It tends to be the most common type of unflavoured nicotine purchased due to its versatile use with people who vape nicotine. Freebase nicotine is a method that tobacco companies have been using since the 60’s.

Freebase means that the nicotine is in its purest form compared to the other nicotine derivatives. In turn, the nicotine is much more potent when heated and it can be absorbed much faster in your lungs and in your brain.

Freebase nicotine has a higher pH level which affects the alkalinity. This makes freebase e-liquid taste harsher as you climb the nicotine ladder. This is ideal for customer looking for a harsher throat hit at far lower nicotine levels, commonly diluted between 3mg – 9mg at most. Freebase unflavoured nicotine is highly recommended for those seeking to replace cigarettes with the vaping alternative.

For our Australian customers – Please read the information on the link below to find out more about the Australian nicotine import system with prescriptions.

Nicotine Import Information For Australian Customers & Where To Get A Prescription

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    Unflavoured Salt Nicotine 50mg – 30ml

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Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
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Free Shipping* on orders over $100