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Do you love custard? So does Gorilla custard. This premium e-liquid has custard flavours regardless if is partnered with tobacco or fruit. The devilish flavours are smooth and creamy. Gorilla Custard’s range include disposable vape pens, e liquids and salts.

The original flavour is a purest custard – rich and creamy with the perfect jiggle every time without being too sweet. You can taste the caramel dripping down the custard.

To build on top of the delicious original custard, the Gorilla Custard Strawberry just gives that touch of fresh strawberry jam. This is perfect for you if you love custard but want that little bit off the beaten track.

Ever wondered how tobacco custard would taste like? Now you don’t need to, Gorilla Custard’s Tobacco vape juice is perfect for you if you are trying to find tobacco replacements but still have a sweet tooth. This deep rich custard flavour is delicately mixed with smooth tobacco to give that perfect blend.

The rose gold flavour is in the Gorilla’s fruit range. This is a fruit salad of ripe sweet strawberries, freshly peeled lychee and just a splash of tang from a pomegranate.

The Gorilla range focuses on quality over quantity. Rather than give you more products, the Gorilla clan has put all their focus into perfecting their craft in custards and fruits. Mixology Vape only stocks the premium brands and favourite flavours to take the hassle out of vaping. Shop now to get free shipping for orders over $100.

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Free Shipping* on orders over $100
Free Shipping* on orders over $100

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