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Looking for more than just a vape pen? Seeking more battery life? Then vape mods are the right tool for you. Vape mods are the new and improved e-cigarette device, that will put the power in your hands.  By listening to customer needs, we have altered the basic legacy model vape pens with these hyper-functional modifications to bring you the most practical devices in the business. These devices contain bigger batteries, higher temperatures and larger tanks, so that you can for vape longer, draw harder and generate many more voluptuous clouds. These devices are just for the serious vaper though, as only the device is included. If you are looking for our starter kits or whole kits with these devices, then please check out our starter kits & bundles page.

Now, these modern mods are so advanced that you can just vaporize the e-juice with the press of a button. By having the control in the palm of your hands you can make micro adjustments to the wattage altering the density and feeling of your vape smoke. With prices as low as $30 to as high as $130 you can really construct your very own perfect vape device. With a variety of products like the box mod, solo mod and mini mods the simplicity of charging the device or replacing the batteries is quick and easy. Each vape mod has run time of around 300-500 vape cycles you can keep vaping for days on end. However, if you do manage run out of power, you can simply charge the device through a USB Type-C port or open the device and slot in new batteries. If you have any trouble with this or run into an issue you can quickly contact our online customer support team.

Here at Mixology Vape, we stock only the most contemporary designs and unique patterns so that you can show off your personality. With products like the UWELL Crown 4 Checkmate and the DOVPO MVV 2 you know the possibilities are endless. These products are not only extremely aesthetic but have several high-performance potentiometers inside as well. These potentiometers not only gauge the potency but control safety precautions as well. With several safety barriers already included inside, you know that you are being protected. So, come and get your vape mod today, where innovation meets convenience.

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  • Geek Vape | Aegis X 200w MOD

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  • Geek Vape | S100 (Aegis Solo 2) Mod

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    Aspire | K2 510 Thread Battery

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Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
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Free Shipping* on orders over $100

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