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In recent years, the vaping industry has witnessed an impressive surge in popularity all over the world. With higher demand comes more advancements in technology, which has led to the creation of disposable vapes. These sleek, modern, compact devices are a convenient alternative to traditional vape devices, and their many benefits make them a favourite for plenty of vape enthusiasts.

What Are Disposable Vape Pens?

Just as their name implies, these are vape pens that are disposable. They are devices with limited uses that are pre-filled with e-liquid and contain a fully charged battery. So, while there are varieties that can be charged if needed, most disposable pens have the wonderful perk of not having to be charged.

While standard, non-disposable pens require regular maintenance, e-liquid refilling, coil replacements, battery recharging and more, disposable pens are meant to be used straight out of the box and discarded once the e-liquid is all gone. When disposing of your pens, we strongly recommend responsibly using a specialised battery bin.

Their convenient, use-straight-out-of-the-box qualities make them an attractive option for people who want to enjoy their favourite e-liquids easily and without hassle or upkeep. While there are those who love the process of maintaining their favourite vape pens, others just want to have a quick, flavourful experience.

To put it simply, here are the main differences between disposable vapes and standard vape pens:

Ease Of Use. Disposable pens are incredibly user-friendly, and are a great choice for experienced individuals who want a quick vape session or for curious beginners who are just getting started in the world of vaping. They require no assembly, refilling or charging – just purchase yours, take it out of the box, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and enjoy!

If you’re searching for a more involved experience, then standard vapes can provide you with more extensive requirements involving cleaning, refilling, charging and fully enjoying your favourite vape pens without worrying about having to eventually dispose of them.

Portability. Disposable pens are typically smaller and more lightweight than standard devices. Their size makes them easy to carry around, perfect for pockets, small bags and secure portable containers. They’re a fantastic choice if you have limited space, generally prefer compact devices or if you’re on the go.

Affordability. When you have a look at our extensive selection of disposable vapes at Mixology Vape, you’ll immediately notice one thing – they’re extremely affordable! Many of these devices offer a fantastic bang for your buck, especially considering some of them boast an impressive 6000+ puffs per device.

Disposable pens are typically the more affordable options, especially if you vape occasionally and don’t want to invest in a more expensive pen and all of the associated goods.

Examining The Rising Popularity Of Disposable Vapes In New Zealand

What specifically makes these vapes so popular? Here are just a handful of notable traits you’ve probably already noticed:

Prime Convenience. Their ease of use, small size and right-out-of-the-box capabilities make them extremely appealing. Who doesn’t love a convenient product? No hassle, no fuss, just delicious flavours and a premium vaping experience. They’re perfect for those who don’t want to deal with traditional vaping devices.

As mentioned, this makes them a great stepping stone for people just starting to vape. Once you get used to your disposable vape and know what kind of flavours you prefer, why not take it a step further with a standard vape pen of your own?

Discreetness. Because of their small size and easy nature, disposable pens are often more discreet than their usually larger standard counterparts. This makes them easy to use without drawing unwanted attention to yourself or bothering those around you who aren’t interested in vaping.

This discreteness makes them an ideal pick for those who prefer to vape privately or for those who don’t particularly like attention when they’re vaping.

Flavour Variety. There’s an awe-inspiring array of different brands and flavours that you can choose from, so you can pick one that suits your needs. You can have a fun time exploring all of the flavours available to you, picking out what you know you’d love and perhaps choosing a few flavours that are new to you.

When picking your pens and flavours, we strongly recommend you only purchase from reputable brands that you trust so that you know your pen is designed to be effective without added health concerns or complications.

Picking Out Your Favourite Flavours With NZ Disposable Vapes

Are you intrigued? Then come and see our impressive collection of vape devices, accessories and more at Mixology Vape. We have a wide range of products from brands we trust. Along with the devices themselves, we also have heaps of e-liquids in flavours ranging from fun and fruity to classic tobacco.

Would you like some help? Call us on +64 9265 2444, our friendly team will be glad to assist you.

Enjoy every puff, get your vaping goods from Mixology Vape.


Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
Guaranteed Delivery
Free Shipping* on orders over $100