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Heya folks!

New video has dropped! Considering a new Aspire Nautilus MTL system but not convinced yet? Watch the video below and see what you think!

– Mixology Vape

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone welcome back to Mixology Vape.

Today we’re doing another unboxing

video of the Aspire Nautilus Prime kit

which is the new popular mouth to lung kit by Aspire.

This is what the vape actually looks

like it is a very lightweight device

only weighing at 188 grams which is a really

good pocket type device I guess to take

away with you

for everyone always having loved the

nautilus coils for their mouth to lung

hit this is probably the device for you as

it does take the exact same

nautilus bvc coils so in the pack we’ve

also got two coils one 0.7 mesh coil which is

their new type which ranges between 20

to 25 watts

and one Nautilus bvc 1.8 which is fairly

standard from 10 to 14 watts for that

perfect mouth-to-lung draw

now to have a look at the actual device

it is a pretty simple pod system so you unclick this pod

you just pull out your coil the pot is

about 3.4 millilitres which is

pretty big for a pod system which will

probably keep you going for a day or two

we switch it on with five clicks just

like any other device

one two three four five and it’s got a

nice little screen down here as well

the wattage range is up to 60 watts but

realistically you will never really vape

it at that amount

most of the coils don’t even go that

high so I would probably say

most people use it between 10 to 40

watts max possibly another prior of this device is

the adjustable airflow so this little

latch here allows you to play around with airflow

which will determine how restrictive

your draw is and as well as that

like a lot of the new devices you have a

usbc cable which you are provided with in

this box now again like I explained in all my

videos make sure that you plug it into a laptop

or even a car charger or a low amp wall plug

because you will blow the batteries if

you leave these overnight and if you do

use fast chargers so please do not use

that even though it is a very lightweight device

it does seem like a chunky model because

it does have a 2 000 milliamp battery which is actually

really amazing for a small device like

this because that will keep you going

all day now that we’ve actually had a

look at the device and the accessories that’s come with it

let’s go about actually setting one of

these bad boys up

so today I am obviously using the six

licks buried life because it is a very

good juice and we’re selling

so much of it so I thought I’d use it in

this demonstration

so we start off by taking the pot out of

course and the first thing we want to do like

we do with all our devices is of course

prime your coil let’s pull out this

little thing here which

sort of seals your coil into the pot

I’ve pulled out the 1.8 ohm coil which ranges

between 10 to 14 watts so let’s go about priming

this one just like you prime any other device

make sure you saturate all the exposed

cotton in your coil

the the holes are fairly small so it is

very good to just drop some liquid up the top as

well just to make sure that you get all the

bits usually I do a few more rounds there’s

no harm in overdoing your priming now you want

to install your coil of course so all we

do is screw this coil into the bottom base

and then we want to push the coil and

the base into the pod now as you can see the side

of this pod has the little fill tab

which is a little

rubber tab all we do now

is just to fill up the rest of the pod

just to make it slightly clearer for you

i haven’t filled up the entire pod so

you can see the liquid moving

around in it now we want to reinstall it

into the device and as we have already

switched on this device previously we

would just want to make sure that we set

it to the right wattage

so we said 10 to 14 watts for this

particular coil so definitely bump that down

let’s go in between

13 watts and just check if it works by

pressing the button

as you can tell by the sound

this device is firing that’s how easy it

is to set this mouth to lung device

it will save you from messing around too

much with Nautilus mouth lung

tanks and mods separately at least

you’ve got an all-in-one kit now

and it’s I’ve got to say it’s pretty

popular and it’s pretty good

especially for the price again like I

mentioned with all the devices make sure

that you do switch off your device five

clicks again because the last thing you

want is obviously your device

firing when it is in your pocket or your

purse and that is about it for the

Aspire Nautilus Prime this week I really

hope you enjoyed this video and I really

hope that you might consider making this

purchase thanks guys see you in the next


Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
Guaranteed Delivery
Free Shipping* on orders over $100