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Hi Folks,

In this week’s video we unbox the Vaporesso Swag PX80 for those of you who haven’t had the chance to check it out! It’s a winner for sure!

Any questions? Drop em below or on Youtube!



hi everyone welcome back to another
unboxing video by mixology day
and today we are unboxing the most
requested vaporesso swag px80
as you can see i picked the leather
which i think is the nicest so in the
pack basically
what you get is obviously a warranty
card and
a manual the actual device two coils so
you get
one 0.2 gtx coil and one
0.3 gtx coil and then
one charger cable now the only thing
that you have to keep in mind with this
is that it is an external battery device
which means that you will have to
purchase a
18650 battery separately now 18650
batteries they come
in all different types of strengths so
you can get
2 000 milliamp 2 500 milliamp
this one in particular here is a 3 000
milliamp battery
insert it with the positive to the
and then screw this little cap on now my
favorite thing about this device is the
actual hidden screen so it does
disappear when the device is switched
it is fully blank there is nothing to
then you press the power button five
times one two three four
five and there’s your screen which is
pretty epic
in my opinion so obviously this device
as it says in the name goes up to
80 watts which is quite strong it is a
mashup between the original pm80
and the vaporesso swag which were both
very well loved devices so it’s pretty
cool that they came up
with a design that has the best of both
worlds this is considered
a pod mod device as we have a plastic
tank or pod
but we have removable coils it’s a very
sleek design
as you can see the airflow gets adjusted
by twisting the pot
it is powered by usbc now because this
is an
external battery we always recommend
using external battery charges for these
as it is a lot healthier for the battery
these are designed for
power output not input it can be charged
in here but i would
always recommend using external or just
using this in emergencies when you have
to quickly charge it somewhere now that
we’ve had a good look at this device
let’s go about setting one of these guys
up as i’ve had a lot of questions about
the actual pod of this device and
how to take out the coil so today i
am using the grape soda store by
strapped sodas which is a
very good seller at mixology vape now
let’s have a look at the design
of the px80 tank and why this particular
device has been
so popular now as you can see at the top
there is a lock and
unlock sign so let’s see what happens
when we twist it to unlock
so right it’s unlocked now we push it
and voila and the best thing about this
is it
seals your tank so you are basically
able to change your coils
without ever having to empty your tank
it’s a pretty cool feature that way you
never have to waste any liquid
and all you have to do to pop your coil
back in is just
press it back in and that pops up and
then you want to
lock it again now as we do with every
single coil always make sure that we
saturate or prime the coil first before
we get started
so again let’s go over all the gaps
now we want to reinstall this guy into
the pod
all we do is press it down
and voila that is all there is to it
now as you can see there is a small
black tab down here which is your fill
so we fill this up
just make sure that you do seal your pod
nice and tight so push this back in and
there you go
there is your fill pod now to reinstall
we just push it back in there it is
magnetic so it makes it a lot easier
now i installed the 0.3 mesh coil
which runs between 32 and 45 watts
so all we have to do now is make sure
that we run this device at the right
so five clicks to switch this device on
one two three four five
we’ll come up with a logo so it’s preset
at five watts
so now we want to bump this up to at
let’s say 35 to have it in between
there we go 35.5 that will do
and just check if it works
and this is everything for the vapresso
swag px80
i really hope you enjoyed this video and
i hope it convinced you
on buying it perhaps like i said it’s a
very nice mashup for people on the go
that need a pocket size
sub i’m slash mtl device you will be
able to find
more information about this guy on our
website or if you have any more
questions feel free to drop them in the
comments below
or just shoot us a message on facebook
alright guys i hope you enjoyed this
video and see you next time




Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
Guaranteed Delivery
Free Shipping* on orders over $100