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Get trusted and quality vape products to your doorstep. At Mixology Vape, we have done all the homework on premium quality vape juices, e-liquids, and vaping accessories so you have confidence you are picking from the best. Our expert vapers can help with any level of vaping questions, from picking the right flavour or brand to getting the best equipment for mixing yourself. Our fast shipping from New Zealand let’s you choose from the full range of vapes we offer and we guarantee delivery to Canberra. Check out our vape store in Queanbeyan, pop in and say hi to our friendly members.

Shop for Top Vape Brands 

Mixology Vape has a huge range of flavours for every moment. Pick from a quick break with a cappuccino flavoured vape juice or transport to the beach with a pina colada. Select from our strengths of nicotine from 0 to 18mg. Some of the most trusted brands we stock are Dinner Lady, Pacha Mama, NZ Vapor, Six Licks, and more.

We always expand our in-store and online stock to offer you something new and exciting vape juices. This takes out the hassle of shopping around and we have slashed prices for reliable vape juice and accessories.

Area We Serve 

Mixology Vape is proud to provide and deliver premium quality e-liquids and other vaping accessories across Canberra. Anywhere, anytime. This online store gives you the flexibility of picking the right time for you since we know you have a busy schedule. Our fast and guaranteed delivery will have your order to your doorstep so you can go on enjoying life.

We ship to all suburbs of Canberra:

Matching the mood with the right vape flavour will ascend get you to nirvana. This bliss experience is powered by the right amount of nicotine.  If you are looking for something stronger while retaining the smoothness, check out our nicotine salt range.

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Free shipping for orders $100 or more. Free registration to Mixology Vape’s loyalty program. Fast delivery to all suburbs in Canberra. This is the one stop shop for all your vaping needs at amazing prices. Go on, give us a go.


Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
Guaranteed Delivery
Free Shipping* on orders over $100