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Hi Newbies and Advanced vapers alike!

We receive a lot of questions regarding nicotine mixing on the daily and have put together a short but informative video explaining how to mix and measure your juices!

Trust us it’s not rocket science 😉

Do not hesitate to drop any questions below or on our Youtube channel!

-Mixology Team

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone welcome back to Mixology Vape and today I’m going to

show you how to mix nicotine.

First of all you will need a syringe

you can either use the three ML dropper

that you get with the bottle or a more accurate syringe that you can

buy from our stores.

First we have the Vegetable Glycerin option

which will give you better flavour, bigger

cloud but due to the viscosity of the

juice might burn out your coil slightly faster.

Then we have the Propylene Glycol base option

which will give you a better throat hit.

It’s slightly thinner viscosity so

gentler on the coils and will keep a little bit longer.

Of course we also need an e-liquid, in

this case it is CCBC by Two Cousins and

a small tool like a flat head screwdriver

or a blunt knife to open up the bottle

with the tool of your choosing.

Carefully pry open the e-liquid bottle and pop it

aside for two seconds, don’t forget to wear gloves as nicotine

is highly potent and can be absorbed by your skin.

For the purpose of this tutorial I will

pick the propylene glycol option as it is slightly easier to handle.

Now let’s have a look at the mixing chart as you know we have a

hundred ml e-liquid bottle

say for example we want to make it a

three milligram juice all you need to do is match them

up and voila.

That’s how much you need to add.

Now we use the syringe to carefully

extract the right amount of nicotine

from your bottle.

As you can see that is bang on three

millilitres to make a three milligram juice in a hundred mil bottle.

All there is to do now is add that nicotine

to your open e-liquid bottle, carefully replace the cap

and shake up your bottle for a solid

let’s say five minutes and once you’ve

done that, well that’s basically it.

You’ve just made your first nicotine e-liquid well done.

Just make sure to store your nicotine bottle

in a cool place or a freezer and

definitely out of sight of kids!

Thanks for watching guys, I hope this was really helpful to you all

and see you in the next video!


Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
Guaranteed Delivery
Free Shipping* on orders over $100

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