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Hey friends,

Undecided about a certain device?
We unbox and set up devices so you don’t have to!
This week we have a look at the new Caliburn G and show you how easy this one can be set up.
Not sure whether to pick the original Caliburn or this new Caliburn G, watch the video below and hopefully it will give you some clarity!

– Mixology Team

Video Transcript:

Today we’re going to do an unboxing of the Caliburn g

which is the newest model of the Uwell Caliburn series

so without further ado let’s get going

As you can see this is the box, we’ll open it up and you’ll get one manual, a little warning letter

As you can see I’ve picked the silver colour

Very nice sleek design it’s a slightly bigger model than the previous Caliburn model

We’ve got a usb-c power input and as you can see the mouthpieces are a slightly different shape

Now in the box we’ve got one  usb-c cable and we have one spare coil

Now this device comes with a 0.8 mesh coil and one 1 ohm coil

The 0.8 mesh coil will give you slightly better flavour but it probably won’t last as long

and then the one ohm coil again will probably sacrifice a little bit in flavour but will last you a little bit

longer depending on the juices and your nicotine levels that you’re using

As you know none of the devices ever come with a wall plug so I will urge you to be very careful

with charging this is a very small battery do not ever leave these devices to charge overnight

Plug them into a laptop or a car charger if you’ve got one and definitely stay away from fast chargers

as it will blow the battery for sure just be mindful of that and you will

definitely get your money’s worth out of this device

Now let’s go about setting one of these guys up it is pretty simple

it is slightly different from the the old Caliburn

with the old Caliburn you obviously  would fill up your pod and let it soak

for about 10 to 15 minutes whereas with this one here you can actually pull the coil out

and you can prime it like any other sub-ohm tank

Priming it will basically be exactly the same

We just saturate the cotton on the inside of the coil

Just go over all the exposed parts

as you can see there is a flat side on this coil all you have to do is make

sure that you align it with the flat side on your pod which is there

You slide it in because what happens is when you put it the other way

you’ll create a gap and that’s where you get leaking

now make sure you pop this in the right way like that and press it

and see the difference there is no gap there so there can’t be any juice leaking out of that

Then all you need to do next is just open up your pod the same way you would a Caliburn

so get it off should come off a little bit easier than that

then use your liquid to fill up only through the red seal

so on the original Caliburn you had two holes

in this one only one you just press it through the red seal

and fill up your pod that way

there you go

click this little thing back on

and then you want to slide it into your device just like the original Caliburn

it is five clicks to switch it on

rather than the light being around the button it is actually down here now

and just like the original Cali it is an air trigger

so you can press to inhale or just inhale

and it will automatically draw for you

Just one thing to be mindful of with these guys is make sure you switch it

off when you’re not using it

so five fast clicks again because the worst thing that can happen is

you carry this in your pocket or in your purse something presses against the button

and you’re burning out your pod and possibly frying your device

so definitely make sure that you switch it off and that’s about it

it is a very simple setup it is really good for people on the go that don’t have much time

and I do like that you can actually prime your coils so it makes it a lot faster

and it’s a bit more thorough because when you’re soaking your pods sometimes

it can’t fully saturate your coil and you do end up burning parts of your coil

it’s a pretty good device I would say it probably works slightly better with a

free base nicotine rather than salts because it has removable coils it’s not

as leak proof as the original Caliburn but overall an amazing device it’s got a 690 milliamp battery

as well which is bigger than the original Caliburn and so it will last you so much longer

on a night out or a day away somewhere

that is the simple setup for the Caliburn g so I hope you all enjoyed that

and I hope this made it a little bit clearer for you

and I’ll see you in the next video

Thank You


Free Express Shipping* on orders over $100
Guaranteed Delivery
Free Shipping* on orders over $100

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